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Hyperbaric Oxygen is commonly used by celebrities, sports professionals or as part of a detox protocol to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Oxygen promotes general health and wellness, increases energy, boosts the immune system, helps with pain relief(such as swollen joints and muscle pain), stress and regulating sleep patterns.

It also improves mental function, helping with depression, anxiety, stress and concentration. It can be a helpful cure for jet lag and hangovers with its restorative, relaxing and rejuvenating effect.

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Kindly note that The Wellness Lab cannot prescribe or make any inferences regarding the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for any particular purpose or condition. The applications listed on this website are suggestions based on medical literature; if in doubt please consult your doctor.

In accordance with UK and EU legislation, we confirm that there is no intention implied or otherwise that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is administered with the intention of it being a cure or as a preventative for any disease. Any references, studies or articles sited in this document do not imply that similar results will occur when the same therapy is experienced by another.

Please note that although the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been established in the treatment or management for a variety of indications, the evidence for its use remains uncertain which means that it is not proven by "randomized prospective controlled clinical experiment or trial" or "double blind study" which is considered to be the strongest form of scientific evidence by conventional medical standards.